Friday, April 14, 2017


morning petals pressed 
against heated skin 
and the way her sweetness 
catches you off guard 
all day long,
made you stretched the sky 
with a brush of her words, 
with a hand full of sprightly tulips.

you smiled at the tiniest petal
caught in her hair. 
and like the sweetest spring breeze, 
there is a gentle grace in her stillness,
an overflowing floodplain 
of hearts and flowers: a reminder
of the sweet, muted tones drenched
by raindrops.

as the cool, soft breeze and brilliant sun 
soaring in perfect unison,
the slow and deliberate steps we took,
focusing on every breath,
the soft, early light
moves us along the path.
with hands full of all the gentle, quiet things
that gives you peace,
you wrote her name in flowers 
it made the quiet light senses heart
whispers more gently, yet clearer.


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