Thursday, February 27, 2014

Problems Only Book Nerds Understand

Does anyone here like to read books? Are you a big book nerd? Yeah, then we're in the same gang. Lol.

I started reading chick flick since I was in 3rd grade, but so far I think I've only read about 90 books, more or less, and I feel a bit disappointed at myself, does anyone feeling the same thing as me? If yes, that is okay, i think. We'll find the time for that, hopefully. And sometimes my problem isn't only that I don't have all the time in the world, but it also that, when I started reading books like literature, I just realized at some point that all I want to read is something that actually mean something or that is challenging to me or something that kinda related to my life, like psychology book etc. But then when you started reading psychology book (for fun) or something in that area, people started asking question if you're alright and keep asking, "why are reading a book about depression (or something)? are you depressed?"and you don't what to say, so you just look at them and say, "I'm fine. I'm just reading this for fun." But sometimes, deep down you know you actually read those book not only for the knowledge and the "fun", but actually because you ARE feeling depressed (for example.) and so you sometimes think yourself as a big, giant weirdo because sometimes the only thing that can help you cope in life is not by going to a shrink or go to your friend or family, but simply reading a book(s).

Well, that was just me anyway, I don't know about you guys, but its really interesting how I like being called as a book nerd or telling people how I really love read books and I think I'm loving it a bit too much. And for me, sometimes why all I want to do is just escape in my own fantasy and read a book is because sometimes I think that people are unreliable and sometimes leaves me having more problem than I was before and even giving you any solution.

Alright, alright. I think I need to tell you a bit the reason why I started writing this post; well its just because i've just finished reading one of the article in BuzzFeed about problems that book nerds are having. So if you want to read the article, well you can go to my facebook profile or go to BuzzFeed website. (yes, I am too lazy to write down the URL.)

So, this is I think are sometimes the problems only book nerds, (note: and not just potterhead), will

1: Shouting or expressing too much emotion at your book during a surprising twist and realize you're in a crowded Starbuck/bus/subway car.

2: You feel like smacking someone in the face with the book you're currently holding and reading because they can't stop talking to you when its so clear that you want to be left alone with your book. And ended up stop reading the book or probably you just snap and started screaming at their face.

3: Feeling so pissed off at someone who give you a spoiler about what will happen in the book that you will hate that person until you finished reading the book.

4: You want to read so many books but you don't have the time and the money or sometimes you simply just want to buy them when you know there are still so many unread books at home and one day you just snap out of it and do anything to buy at least one book. (Yeah, I guess we're a shopaholic. But not on clothes but simply in books. And you feel crazy because you acting like an addict. But its okay, I guess, as long you read the unread books at home, then you don't really have that a big of a problem).

5: That sad depressed feeling when you see half a dozen hardcovers of a once bestseller filling up the used book $0.25 bin. Especially when you spend $25 and waited in line for hours for that one. (But I don't think you'll feel this way if you buy them online).

6: When you took hours to decide which book you want to buy first, 'cause you know if you buy two or more books at the same time, one of them won't be touch for day, maybe weeks, or maybe months or years, but when you finally decided to buy the first book, then you've just finished paying for it, on the way out, you see the book (you think) you want more than the one you just buy. That feeling. The most annoying feeling, ever.

7: When there is a movie based on the book you've already read, and if you really like it, you probably get really pissed because they kinda change the plot a little bit in the movie and its nice as good as the book. But you get really excited if you know the movie will be as good as the movie. And you get really pissed of or excited and happy and you can't stop talking and comparing the movie with the book to ANYONE.

I guess I can write more, but there are just too much and I'm TOO lazy to think anything else, so that is all for not. Maybe, just maybe, if I think about something else I will add it up, but that is for now.

And speaking about books, check my goodreads website: My goodreads profile and if you like my reading list and want any recommendation about books you want to read, you can ask me through and the link is on the right side of my blog.

I'd really love to give a book recommendation to read and I'd love to get one from you guys.

So thank you for reading my blog.
Cynthia Clara,

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What I Wear!

Hi! How are you guys? I've been so busy studying, and actually experiencing real life, instead of blogging the last couple of weeks, so yeah :p 

last weekend I went to Galeri Nasional in South Jakarta. But the exhibition that we really want to see was ended the week before, so yeah, bummer!! But I really enjoy it, and when we just got there, there is an intern journalist that was asking for picture of us. (well its actually our style. neh.) And here is mine:
What I Wear!

Have a great week, 'cause mine will be super tiring, lots and lots of studying! So talk to you soon!
Cynthia Clara,