Saturday, June 16, 2012

we went to Pitt River Museum this afternoon, since we don't know what to do and we've been planning to go there since last week. and we think that we still got a lot of time today so we went there

me with the Asian apes corps's. 

and that is a baby gorrila. the corps's looks very dumb even if its not alive :p 

with my favourite animal, fox! the fur was real and it was really soft..

Hyena! hiya..

 i think this is a gorilla corps's.. in a very weird and awkward position.. i know..

i don't know who he is, i just want take a picture with him and put my hand in his nose :p lolll.

my sister with a horse... i think hahaha

My sister said, "there is just a theme song playing in my head when i saw an owl; harry potter's song" 
i want to have an owl so badly..

with her penguins hahaha, she loves penguin but not really like those one she said.

hyena again..

 hi. are we in narnia? hahaha. 

cutest little mouse everrr..

with her lovely dinosaurs's head

Animal DNA

look how big dinosaurs footprints

and as we finished our trip, I bought a gift for myself:

 i know it seems really geek, and nerdy but its kinda cute ahaha, periodic table of the elements.

And!!!!!! i just bought another new book about human brain, i was so happy this one is kinda complete and stuff.

so that is how i spent my saturday, hope you guys have a good weekend, i'm off watching grey's anatomy and then sleep. Bye! 
Cynthia Clara, xxx

Monday, June 11, 2012

One big question that people have asked you so many times in our life, especially when we were a kid: "What do you wanna be when you grow up?"

and other people, even yourself, starting to wondering and thinking, "what will I be when i grow up?" or "am I going to achieve that? is it even possible?" or in my case, all i could think about, "is it going to change my life? is it going to be exciting? it going to make me happy?"

we could never ask anyone about our choices, because in the end, we all actually know what we want it to do with our lives, we just scared to say it out loud. we also scared what other people might say about your choices, or your dream.

we think that there is always gonna be something more. we think we could get something that we might deserve. but we've been lying to our self, we think we could and we will get something that we deserve, when all we want's something that we want, not what we get, or not what we need. but what can we say? Everybody lies.

Everybody lies, even to themselves. as example, i lie to myself that i am not tired and i will still get enough sleep for tomorrow or i lie to myself that i look good even when i'm not just to make myself think that i deserve better from everybody else.

but seriously, all we need and that we think we deserve is happiness. who the hell wants to be miserable?? but why do you want to be happy when you can be normal? or at least be extraordinary so you can be more happy than miserable.

we want things to change because we think somethings good will come, we think that you could finally be happy, but when things already change all you can think about is, "why the hell do i want things to change when that moment was like the time of my life?" and all you can wish is to go back to that moment, but i'm sorry, even extraordinary people still could feel regret. so does the obvious one, the ordinary one. but people forget that, there is other people who feel the same. instead of trying to make ourselves happy or trying to get better, we just think that we deserve it because we dont appreciate that moment and think that we are alone is this big world, that we do deserve to be miserable.

changes is good and things change for a reason. you can't stand it, but you have to face it no matter what. there is no right or wrong, there is only "what we want but we don't need it", "what we need but we don't want it" or we could try to find things that we want and things that we need. the key is never stop trying, because choices that we make always have risks and we only regret things that we don't take when deep inside you want that so badly you just didn't know if you will make the right choices or not. but what can we say? we're just a human.

Cynthia Clara, xxx

Monday, June 4, 2012

So okay. if i ever told anyone that i don't expect any gifts or surprises on my birthday or i just dont want any gift OR more even, i told them that i hate them and i also hates surprises, it would be a lie.

no one really give me something that i wanted without me telling them except my parents. but it is true for the last 2 years i do not expect anything big on my birthday and i'm not excited anymore except for the present. 

i mean, seriously, who doesn't love presents? at least they like to get any kind of presents. you feel cared and loved. i know, to show someone that you care about them, we dont have to give them any presents, and all we need to do is just show them how much you love them. but anyway, i think that's crap. so yeah, i am planning to just rambling all day on this post talking about how much i love someone giving me a present, but got stuff to do such us watching house or reading delirium or revising for my exams.

So, Have a good Monday! 
From under the blanket, Cynthia Clara. xxx

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yesterday was non-uniform day and last day of 5th term. so, i got a week off and might spending my time at home again, revising and i might going to London on wednesday.

here's some of yesterday's photos:

Charlie, Corinna and Ursula 

Corinna's just being weird with her hand

they're doing a competition, who can bite the apple and have the biggest bite.

and this is Melissa and Charlie