Sunday, May 8, 2011

life will break you no matter what happen.
there will be this one person who'll always ruined your day.
there will be this one person who'll always happy to see you cry.
and there will be this one person who'll always seem to look unhappy when they see you smile.

life isn't perfect.
and we are not perfect.
cause, people make mistakes.
even the one that we love.
and we can't always push the people that we love away.
just because we've been hurt because of someone that we love,
doesn't mean, we have to hate them.
sometimes, as a human, that makes mistakes, too
all we can do is, forgive them.

the other day, I thought to myself,
If the earth can turn with all of its rain and sunshine, earthquake and hurricane, what is there to stop you from doing the same?
why should i be sad all the time, when i could be happy?
why should i be happy to be unhappy when i'm with you?

every souls needs to be happy.
let go of something that makes you unhappy.
let go of the past that makes you unhappy with your future.
just because the person you thought will always be in your life turn into a complete stranger,
doesn't mean you can't be happy.
just because you're not with that special someone,
doesn't mean you can't be happy.
but, If you’re not happy with the person your companion, don’t stay.
don't try make them stay either just because you're lonely.
do and say everything you wanna do and say.
with someone that makes you happy.
you know, you can always find a way to be happy.
don't worry, God will lead you a way.
growing up is never been easy.
you hold on to things that makes you unhappy with it.
you always said you were happy when you’re not.
you said “i love” when it turns out to be "i hate”.
we said things and do something that we shouldn’t say or do.
we prefer to tell lies to each other than tell the truth, and we make it a habit. a bad habit.
we never know when we have to lose everything and everyone that we’ve got. even the one that we love.
They said they won’t leave us, when the truth is, they’ll leave no matter what happen, it’ll happen anyway.
It happens all the time. 
And i just dont get it why?
I had so many thoughts about many different things.
I didn’t know that i couldnt handle it.
I start wondering “why” and all the “what if’s”.
I thought things will get better, but its not.
I thought i could someone will comes along and save me from all of it, but all they do is just leave.
It would be out of line if i said i miss you, i mean, them.
I know they never meant to hurt me, but i just dont get it why are they doing this to me.
I never know where I did wrong.
The thoughts of not knowing is killing me.
I dont know how to say it, i dont know how to describe this feelings into a words.
All i know is, i dont know if i could handle this any longer or not.