Saturday, April 26, 2014

Summer Exams

Hi there. How are you guys? Its been awhile.

Yes, I've been busy studying for the summer exams and its been crazy. The exam's only 10 days left and I'm panicking inside, but hopefully I'll do just fine, even though I'm not really so sure about that. So for those of you who also have exams this summer, good luck & wish me luck as well! 

Alright, I just want to post another website full of my photograph, and its totally different than instagram, where you post it only to get likes, which is annoying sometimes, 'cause it making you feel insecure slightly to be honest. So check it out and I hope you like it! 

I also found lots of old picture of me and I really love to share it with you guys even though I look 100% asian. But its okay!!!