Sunday, October 27, 2013

check out my!!!!!!

Soo, people keep asking me to write again on my blog, seriously though, I have a lot of going on in my life, but mostly I have a lot of going on in my head, which I'd love to share it with you guys strangers, but unfortunately, I've changed. I don't really like to show or tell it to someone on internet, about how I feel about something or someone, and how it's been, or anything. One thing though, it is not about you, it is mostly about me. I have a really big trust issues, with anyone. (I think it might kill me man, or just making me go mad)

Anyway, I will tell you some stuff that you want to know that is going in my life, but I'm not going to write it on my blog, you can ask me some question or an advice if you want to (lol, or just want to share your story, trust me, I might look like I don't give a single damns, well maybe I don't, but I'm a really good listener, and I'd love to help in some ways if I could), from so here is the link, 

Someday, I might write again, but someday. just wish that someday come sooner than I thought it would be, if you really want me to write again. But yeah, someday.


Lots of love,
Cynthia Clara,