Tuesday, August 20, 2013


yes, I am in Indonesia right now. well, i've been staying in Jakarta since last month but I was totally forgot and too busy to write it in here. but here I am anyway.

So.. how's your summer so far? hopefully you're enjoying it 'cause its almost over (sucks, I know). At least I've been enjoying mine so far. it wasn't "that" fun but I think it was just fine.

What have been doing anyway the whole summer? you probably going on a party and stuff like that, all I did is just went to like birthday's party and spending a lot of time with my family and of course i've been doing a lot of reading. well not a lot i've only read a couple of books. But if you want to know and think you might be interested in my reading check out my goodreads!

oh and if you're really really bored, you should check out my ask.fm and ask some questions! or you could just go the easy way and ask questions from my blog, there is the ask.fm box on the right side!

anyway, I've gotta go!

Talk to you soon,
Cynthia Clara