Wednesday, September 14, 2016

i've been having a craving—call it a desire, if you must
it's the desire to have a deep connection and conversation with someone
the desire to be able to talk for hours with someone about anything and everything and all feels right
the desire to be stared at like the most intricate and annihilating painting ever seen
the desire to be written like a seductive yet the sweetest poem
the desire for my soul to be fed
the desire to be kissed underneath the porch light
the desire to feel
the desire for my silence to be understood
the desire to become someone's fire and magic
the desire to accidentally found and have an epic kind of love; a fortunate stroke of serendipity
the desire to become the only thing someone think about at 4am and throughout the day
the desire to be read without anyone ripping the sad, ugly pages of me apart.
i have the desire to be desired and to feel desired

but they say you can't always get what you want in life
and i think that's fucking bullshit.