Thursday, August 13, 2015


Some people have it easy. I used to have it easy as well. Everything that I wanted, I have it in second, all I have to do is just ask or maybe came up with a legitimate reasons why I should have it then I'll probably get it. Not so much anymore.

Everything seem to be getting worse and worse and I no longer know what to do. I know that life is not fair and I know its not supposed to be easy, but I didn't know that it would be this hard. I just wanna walk away from everything. But what is the point of having the choice to walk away but having nowhere to go? I keep wishing that one of these days, things will finally looking up. Things will get better, even just a little and it will last a little longer than it usually do. I keep wishing and wishing but it never did. All I asked was a minute, but all I get is a second.

Do you know the saying that say 'the world doesn't owe you anything'? I know that the world doesn't owe me anything, but is it really too much to ask to make things just a little easier? Just relieve the pain a little. Is it too much to ask to not let it all suffocate me?

When I was a kid, I kept wishing that I'll finish school as soon as possible and so that I can get out of this house. What I meant by this house is my family. So that I can distance myself from them and be a grown up and all that bullshit. But I guess that's why they all keep saying, 'be careful what you wish for.' Because being a grown up, being an adult means responsibility. Because adulthood, responsibility and all that is like riding a bike. At first, you think you can handle it because you didn't really do it by yourself, someone is still guiding you. Someone is still doing it for you. Someone is still pushing you and holding the bike so you won't fell off. But then, when they let go, you're riding the bike by yourself. You either fall or you ride it right away. In my case, I fucking fell and hit my face. There are bruises everywhere, and I'm still trying to ride the bike without falling off but I still can't do it and I don't even know when I finally can. No one is holding the bike anymore and everytime I fell, they all just watch and think I'm okay because I fell a thousand times before. But do you wanna know the truth? It would be nice to have someone holding the bike again or even show you what you did wrong or just mend the wound once in awhile, because truth be told, I'm not okay and I have this heaviness in my chest that I always have to carry with me. No one can feel it because no one can see it and so no one really knows about it. I wish when I finally let go of the pain, don't let me crash again. Because sometimes I don't see a reason why I should get back up when I kept getting knocked down. Because sometimes I don't see a reason why I shouldn't just pack my things and leave even when there is nowhere to go, I mean, anywhere would probably be better than this, right? Because sometimes I can see why people becomes bitter towards life but I can't find a reason why they still holding onto hope. Because sometimes, I'm not okay and no one knows about it and I no longer think that is okay anymore, because that is one of the few worse thing you can do to someone; not to have their pain and suffering recognised as if their pain and suffering isn't worth to be acknowledge. But opening up, and asking for whatever it is that I needed isn't easy and sometimes its easier just to wonder than let it all crashing down on you.

I was a fool for thinking things will get better and I am a fool for thinking it all matters to someone. But sometimes, I don't think its anybody's fault. I mean, who would've guess something looking so fierce on the outside is actually dying on the inside, carrying hell within? Who would've stop and think that happy, cheerful person is also suffering, fighting a storm no one knows about? I was a fool, young and naive and always hopeful and optimistic all the time. Even when shit happened all the time, most of the time, I still am that same fool, not wanting to give up hope. Hope for a better day(s).

Sunday, August 2, 2015


To be honest with you, I don't act or talk as if I know half of the problems that is in our society, at leas I tried not to. Especially when it comes to political issue or anything that isn't related to literature or science, because even in those subject, I still have no clue about most of the issue or the things that are important right now.

I know that I don't usually write about this sort of things but I wanted to write something about the struggles our society are going through as I was inspired by one TED YouTube video and I know I am no writer and I am no journalist as well, so just bare with me here.

Right now, even with all the new inventions and all the discoveries, there seem to be one (of the many) problem that our society struggle with, and that is: acceptance.
We struggle to just listen before we throw some insults and judgments into it and before we started arguing and debating whether the subject that we, or you, are discussing is right, or wrong. We seem to struggle to understand the concept of "Freedom of Speech" (or maybe it is I, that struggled to understand. Your opinion, that is your right to have one.); we seem to struggle to remember that there are also a limitation to this concept because as we all understand, there is always a thin line between everything and a thin line between freedom of speech and hate speech is one of it and we also seem to be struggling to see when we did crossed that line. A similar example for this is that we all know there is a very thin line of being rude and being honest and honestly, I myself used to struggle to understand this and I used struggle to see when I seem to be crossing that line, I sometimes still do.

I say this with great despair, this "issue" happens often especially when it comes to religion. I think it would be easy to blame most problems, if not everything, at religion. And I also think it would also be easy to blame the other half, if not also everything, at society. But what I think important is that, as human beings, we are created with a mind so extraordinary and we are meant to learn new things with it and to evolve. We are able to grow into something, and someone who is even more extraordinary than we already are. And as much as I love to live in a world of black and white, at some point I'll need to come to terms with the "grey" world and I'm not talking about 50 Shades of Grey here. And I'm not here to defend religion as well, I am merely here stating my opinion and you might see it differently or even make a slight change to this view of mine, but I hope that you'll listen before turning it down.

And as the great Indonesian Activist used to say, "Bagiku sendiri politik adalah barang yang paling kotor. Lumpur-lumpur yang kotor. Tapi suatu saat dimana kita tidak dapat menghindari diri lagi, maka terjunlah." In other words, though as much as we hate or dislike politics, it is very essential so no matter how long you avoid it, at some point you'll need to come to terms with it. It is the same with everything else and because we can only agree with or love something passionately and purposefully only when we know it, the subject of the matter in depths. Because we talk so much about change. How this person needs to change this, how this president needs to do this to change this and that. What we keep forgetting is that, we are that person. We can make that change. Because we need to know when our opinion and our "Freedom of Speech" is hurting someone. Because we need to understand, not everyone has the same heart nor mind as you. Because if we (though it is still not everyone) can accept gay marriage and finally accept and begun to stand-up in addressing  inequalities and discrimination faced by women and girls in other words gender equality, we need to be more accepting and more globally aware of other things because ignorance is not a bliss. and I need to point this out, sometimes, it is okay to speak up. Sometimes, we all are encourage to speak up. We are so scared to stand-up and speak up even when it is necessary to do it. So speak your mind, as there will always be assholes wherever you go but that should not discourage you to be nice to others and discourage you from being brave because of those people. Because we are the very foundation of this society and we need to stay on the "table" and change our crippled society. Because its hard to build a straight house on a crooked foundation, and as a person, I know how hard it is to change. Its hard. Its not easy, but doesn't mean its not possible.

You don't have to agree with what I just said, but all I want you to do is know, listen, see and understand the struggles, then accept.

no hate x,
C. L.