Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Fasting/Ramadhan + check out my!

Oh wow, its been quite a while since i wrote something in here, isn't it? Oh well, here I am. Back again.

Anyway, the main thing that i wanna say going to this blog is just to say, happy fasting for those who celebrate it and hopefully we have all the things that we need and this month will bring us even closer to Allah than before.

Also, I've just read my last post. oh my god. i sounded very pathetic. hahahah!! i can't even say anything. but well anyway, I've gone through it. I've gone through last month. that's the most important thing isn't it? that i survived? hahah. So yeah, this also means that I've finished my middle school. hmm, when i say middle school, i feel like I've just waste my time in middle school, like it never finished (cs 2 years ago i just graduated from junior high, its almost the same thing right?) anyway, next month my GCSE results will come out, and I'm pretty sure I did real bad on those and I feel like crying and I haven't even see it. Its so goddamn Sccaaaarrrryyyyyyy. The point is, I'm so scared of the results I just don't even wanna receive it.

Enough with the school talk, its summer youuu guysss. hopefully that you're having as much fun as I am, even though I feel like my summer haven't started yet. This feels more like.. a warm up. but yeah, you know what i mean anyway; I did a lot of shopping, I seriously mean A lot. and I think we're going to London again on monday to go the Harry Potter Studio and probably going to my Dad's grave. Yeah, its my Dad 70th birthday this sunday. I know right, he's old. hahaha. I had like this ideas inside my head for my dad, like a gift for his birthday or something, that i know my dad would loved it. yeah, i know it cs i don't know, i just feel like we sometimes think alike and like same thing i guess.

I know that I talked about random stuff all the time, but thank you for those who ACTUALLY read my blog, its very... sweet. because, i don't really think that anyone, i literally mean anyone that actually read my blog but thanks! hahaha. anyway, its like half past 3 here, i'm like really tired but i just ate so I've gotta stay awake for a little while, but I think I'm gonna sit my blog down for awhile, again. Don't miss me. hahaha, once again, happy fasting for those who celebrate Ramadhan!

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Lots of love,
Cynthia Clara,