Thursday, April 13, 2017

Eighteen, with one imperious and selfish soul. 
What am I doing here?
Why am I still here?
Can we stop? Because I don't need anybody's pity, 
(Stop the one i'm throwing myself)

But I'm out of my mind,
Looking, with flinty stare, for magic 
In this fucking cruel world.

Because when you smile, your eyes shine
And my God how I want to scream 
And tell the whole goddamn world how beautiful you are
And my God, I want you to kiss me.

So tear the wall around me apart,
Tear me into piece,
Fill me with your lies,
Abandon me,
Because that is all you do. 
Because that is all everyone do.

So put your lips on mine,
Feel me slip away,
Watch me break apart,
Watch me bleed,
Watch me waste away,
Watch me floats away, 

As I wish you to surrender, 
As I wish you to break free,
As I wish you to stay,
As I wish you to want me to stay,
As I wish you to let me in,
As I wish you to keep us safe. 

But the hell with you. 
The hell with love.
I want to set love on fire.
I want to set romance on fire. 
I want to set us on fire. 

2am and I'm still wide awake
Writing about you,
Waiting in vain,
Go on, 

Leave before you're ever here. 
Go on,
Watch me crumble,
Go on,
Grab a piece of me,
You fucking bastard.
Go on, 
Kiss me and disappear,
You fucking hypocrites.
Go on,
I'm shutting my heart down.


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