Friday, April 7, 2017


I pace around hungry, looking for a sleek smile
silently starving and craving
for the brush of your finger against my flesh,
and my lungs breathe rapidly
in hopes of inhaling your scent
that made every fragments in me trembles
as there is a perfection in something
that can't be owned;
in someone that I cannot have.

But you see how I fail to keep my distance
you see how I tried to keep you out,
and fail irrevocably. Instead, as I was
being stripped of what is familiar, 
what is hidden well,
I took a step further, getting pulled in
into the unknown
as if everything that exists, carries me to you.

Though I am bound to scars and wound; like vines 
on melancholy walls, in the lining 
of my skin, there lives a crystal moon
and you'll remember me
in every timeless raindrops you'll see. 
Your caresses enfold me, as you taste like magic. 
Yet despite all that
if you touch me too long, you will make to me 
a long, hard crimson fissure; an irreparable harm.

Because of the brittle sense of my soul's exuberance, 
its constant lament towards that is 
soft and glimmering with silvery tenderness,
I will constantly distrust any promises, soft touches, 
and the implacable sweetness 
of your smile and words;
I'll preserve what is left of my infinitesimal being.
as I believe there are a profusion 
of things that you conceal
so I'll keep you near yet far away 
I'll hold you softly within these words, 
I'll keep you close, but never in.


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