Sunday, March 19, 2017


They wish to be 
as strong as me.
What they do not know is that
behind the iron-strength,
there is an iron blade;
I carry it around, I hid it close, I hid it well. 

Like the soft rain with its rhythmic sobs,
the world could only hear the long murmuring sound clearly
so I touch my body in vain to find the wound.
You tried to touch my body,
but a thorn prick your thumb,
and an invisible air is all there is of me.

I have felt the wind on 
my second flesh; madness, I called her.
She thickens the air, heavy as water
condemning everything that goes through.
Drunken with her, I shouted at it
a night-long laments.

But when blood was revealed
behind the veil; revealing the secret
Like an unblessed moon, I can hear 
a countless number of gasp and horror.
So I say to them,
"How do you think I can do it for so long?"


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